Start Here…

So you’ve stumbled upon this blog. Maybe you were google searching information about eating disorders because you are in the midst of a relapse. Maybe you are just starting your journey to full recovery. Maybe you’re a family or friend who knows your loved one is suffering from weight and body issues. Or maybe you have an inkling, a small voice of question, that tells you your preoccupation with the numbers on the scale or obsession with appearance is not quite normal.

Maybe you feel stuck in a mental jail, or even worse, feel like you’re constantly combating the inner voice that tells you you “should” go for a 10 mile run on tired legs or berates you for eating a slice of pizza.  Whatever the reason you are reading this, thank you.

Thank you for recognizing that a fixation with the size of your thighs, the amount of calories yiu eat, or how much you exercise is NOT the life or plan God has in store. In fact, He created you to have feelings of contentment, joy, and freedom.  And did you also know that Jesus made you with certain gifts and talents–they are all a part of you, a uniqueness that can unfurl and blossom into the richness and fullness that surpasses anything you could attain by your own works.

My hope is that through the posts on Freeing Faith, you can start to see that life without an eating disorder all starts with faith. Faith in your body that it knows what it’s doing and how to operate. Faith in your family and friends to support and guide you through what could be the toughest road to travel. Faith that God will never leave your side even when you are physically and emotionally depleted. And from that faith springs freedom–a throw-your-hands-in-the-air kind of freedom where the shackles of the eating disorder no longer has yiu in restraints.

Have faith that that kind of freedom is possible.  Have faith that God will give you the tools necessary to overcome this disorder. And most importantly, have faith that in the end, you will emerge from the depths of this eating disorder with a renewed, and victorious body, mind, and spirit.


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